Thursday, October 14, 2010

iPad 3D Letters

Two groups arcroos the pond BERG and Detsu London have been developing a software for the iPad thatwill paint 3D letters in by taking pictures. By simply dragging the iPad from left to right you can paint a 3D image in the air so to speak and then photograph it to create an amazing 3D graphic I think that this is an amazing accomplishment as far as iPad technology goes, now you can upload software on your iPad and create 3D graphics without using a CG software. However i think that this is a little impractical because the video that the groups made was about 3 min long and they said they had to take 5,500 pictures and not all of them were even used.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Budget Slow Motion

Im writing my blog on the new HDSLR cameras that can produce 1000FPS slow motion video with just some simple software. All you need to do is shoot your video at 60FPS and then put it into After Effects and stretch the video to 1000 Fps using the twixtor plugin. I think that this a very usefull tool not only because it can produce slow motion video, but it eliminates the need to go out rent expensive slow motion cameras.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Working On Vacation

This week i wrote my blog on an article about working while your still on vacation. The article basically explains how more and more people every day are taking vacations but still checking work emails, doing paperwork and making business calls. Many people said that they didn't feel any more relaxed then when they left for the vacation. When people were asked why they were working on vacation they said that they feared someone else taking there job and that their bosses expect the to put their company phones to use wether their on vacation or not. I feel that a vacation is a getaway from all things stressful, work being one of them. So if your gonna take a vacation leave work out of the picture and i think it will make it that much better.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

KDX Talk

KDX Talk

KDX Talk

Here is my new KDX project, its a podcast called KDX Talk

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I would like to start off this blog with some photos and videos of this bike, and some links for getting quality parts.

Below are some pictures of a KDX 220r

1997 KDX 220r

2000 KDX 220r

You can see that the color scheme was changed from Green/Purple to Green/Black. These are the two main color schemes of the KDX 220r

Below is a link to a video of sommeone starting up a 2006 KDX 220r, listen for the distinct 2-Stroke Sound

To finish this blog i would like to add a couple of links related to the KDX 220r - This is a website where you can buy many parts for your KDX 220r and learn tips and tricks from Feff Fredette. Jeff Fredette is an Expert on the KDX 220 - this is a website where you can talk about anything motercycle related. There are some great articles on the KDX 220, i suggest you check them out.